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Looking for web designers who can efficiently redesign your existing website or create a new website from scratch to attracting customers?

An effective web designing is the process of designing a website, it’s a theme or website template in a manner that it would provide an ease of navigation and functionality while attracting the visitors and customers. A well-designed website would be able to demonstrate where the company stands for, its motto, ideas, and aims. It is an essence of the company and has to be more impactful.

Hiring web designer could be a typical task. However, it is one of your most crucial hires because he/she is the person who will craft your company’s online image and a Web Designers should know about the internet marketing otherwise an ineffective Web Designer could cause you more harm than good!

If you are in the situation about whether you should hire the services of a professional web designing agency. Tekki Web Solutions is a well-known web design agency that has been providing exceptionally customizable and creative web and graphic design solution for the business and websites. We provide web design and development in all forms and industries including healthcare, e-commerce, travel or blog which helps you to gives your users an amazing user experience to all your customers and visitors that keep them wanting for more.

Our Web Design and Development Services

We have more than 100 of themes and website templates designed by our web development team on popular platforms like WordPress, PHP, Laravel and Nodejs.

  • As a leading web designer, we have built highly responsive solutions that are compatible across all the devices.
  • We have successfully delivered cross-browser web designs that can be hosted on any browsers without any tweaks.
  • Our website templates and designs are some of the most sought-after designs on leading premium sites for buying templates.
  • We have revolutionised user experience by providing creative navigation options in all web design projects, helping several businesses in their expansion.

If you have any question please visit us at http://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com or call us at +1 888-449-0151


6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile Application Development?

Hire Mobile Apps Developer

Gone are the days when mobile phones were used just for the purpose of making voice calls and calculations. The first ever mobile phone is developed in the 19th century, after being tested, weighed around 40 kilograms and applications installed on it were just meant for initiating voice calls only. As time evolved, mobile phones had a number of features integrated, and this had an enormous impact on the revolution of mobile application development.

New phones are being launched every now and then, thanks to the ever-growing technology. The evolution of new devices has made a drastic change the life of an individual and businesses. Now businesses are not only trying to catch up with the virtual world but also with the device industry.

In the era of portable devices, just having an up and running website is not enough. According to recent research, it has shown that more than 75% of Google search results are initiating from smartphones and tabs. This is a very impressive number of businesses and individuals to use this opportunity in their business goals. The need of stay connected on every internet enabled device has given birth of mobile application development which signifies the core development of applications, especially for the mobiles, smartphones, and tablets.

Here are the reasons that why you should invest in mobile application development?

Mobile application development has given mobile phones the ability to do more. This ability is fostered to newer levels of creativeness via iPhone application development, wearable device application and Android application development, turning mobile phones into smartphones.

Does Your Business require an App?

As a matter of facts, people always turn on their portable devices first for gathering information on the internet rather than turning on PC (Personal Computer) button after reaching home. So, now where there is an app for almost everything from shopping to fund transfer to gaming to booking movies and tickets. Any business cannot afford to miss out an opportunity to reach out one-third audience, which is available on smartphones, and tablets. Mobile apps are no longer considered as luxury as it’s becoming the need of business. But it doesn’t mean that each business to have a presence in a smartphone world.

Let’s picture in this way, if you run a retail business, launching a mobile app can be beneficial. The app would allow your customers to have a glance at your catalogue on the web and make a purchase immediately using the same phone.

What is the purpose of your mobile app?

It is very important for a business to understand the purpose of an app before planning to launch it. You cannot hire a mobile application developer or a company to get an app developed without knowing the purpose of it. To get a clear picture of launching a mobile app, you need a strong strategy for a mobile app. In order to develop a successful app, a strong strategy is recommended so that a business can decide whether build a responsive website or a mobile application.

Wondering why not have both? Well, large enterprises often have both a responsive mobile ready website and a mobile application. However, not all types of businesses need both platforms to communicate with its audience. Considering the fact that mobile ready website and a mobile application are created for a different type of audience. As an instance, a mobile-friendly or responsive website allows every user to access your site from almost any device, which is well suited for all types of small businesses and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, a mobile application is designed for businesses that provide services like online shopping, fund transfer, and mobile banking, which is suitable for enterprise-grade business as well.

Be Visible to Customers All Times

Statistics show that average American spends more than three hours a day on their mobile phones. While probably a minority of mobile applications make up the substance of this total usage, it doesn’t change the fact that each user has to unlock, scroll and scan their devices for the apps they are searching for. Being “In the way” that can be an advantage for your company, as our brain in sentiently does record every image and text it comes across – even if it happens unnoticed.

Information on Demand

Leveraging push technology is an important and often snubbed element of mobile application development. While associated with the delivery of user notification, push and sync technologies bring significant value by enabling mobile apps to work even when users are offline. A key factor to consider when building mobile apps is that business apps need to work anytime and anywhere.

A mobile application that can incorporate push and sync capabilities into application design offers the best way to ensure your users gain access to the right information when they need it.

Build Brand and Recognition

An intuitive mobile app for your business can remarkably pay for your brand awareness. Let’s break this into two parts that make your app a true winner:

  • Brand: A mobile app can do more than just an app. With an app you can do what you want with it; you can make it stylish, functional, shocking and informative. But what exactly you should do in your app to make features that your customer will love, while at the same time is well branded and beautifully designed.
  • Recognition: The moment you see involvement with your app; the sooner they will be motivated to buy your products and services. In advertising, this is considered as “effective frequency”: as a rule of thumb, hearing and watching your brand approximately 20 times is that will get you truly noticed.

Stand Out From the Competition

Small businesses are rarely taking a chance to offer an app for their customers. Because they thought they are wasting money but this is where they can take a big leap to stay ahead of their competitors. So, be the first one to offer the mobile app in your neighbourhood for your customer can make a huge difference in your business. Your customers will be astonished by your forward-thinking approach.


Smartphones and tablets have almost killed desktops. This doesn’t only affected peoples across the world but also businesses who are trying their best to reach the massive audience by providing best solutions to them. Thus, whether you are running a retail business or shopping platform, it is always a bright idea to build a fully functional mobile app to target the right audience and stay connected with them across every mobile device.

Reasons Why ECommerce Development Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade.

Ecommerce Development

An online eCommerce store is a way that allows your business to sell products and services to the online audience. These days, an increasing number of consumers prefer making most of their purchases online and in such a scenario, having an eCommerce website for your business is the need of the hour. If you have an idea of selling products and services online, we’ve got the best eCommerce developments services at affordable price in San Jose, CA. Tekki Web Solutions focus on user experience will have a potential customer’s demand for your eCommerce store or website.

We build sites to optimize your target customer’s experience.  

We at Tekki Web Solutions specialise in building beautiful, rich featured and easy to use shopping websites. These elements come together to create an exceptional user experience (UX). This positive interaction with your brand builds trust and confidence, turning visitors into customers.

Our expert San Jose website development and web design teams are well trained and certified – providing our clients with the highest standards in IT industry.

In order to have an e-commerce success, you need a website that functions according to the needs of your business and customers. If you don’t have an exceptional eCommerce store that gives customers an unmatched experience of online shopping then you will be hanging an “Out of Business”, sign on your eCommerce site faster than it looks at launch.

If you want to get the most out of an eCommerce site, there’s a magical word that you need to learn now: Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. All of the eCommerce platforms are highly customizable.

We do eCommerce website development on all those platforms. In addition, the increasing simplicity of these platforms is allowing newcomers with non-technical backgrounds. Keeping these trends and evolving requirements of the modern eCommerce business in mind. We have identified top 3 eCommerce platforms that are likely to serve a range of online businesses most effectively in 2017.

Shopify Development

Shopify hosts over 3,25,000 active online stores and with its focus on social commerce and mobile shopping feature, the eCommerce platform continues to evolve to meet the increasing requirements of online stores. We take pride in providing the best eCommerce development services to our clients. With the dedicated team of Shopify Developers. If you have a unique feature and functionalities in your mind for your Shopify store, we will help you to build your unique Shopify store at an inexpensive price.

BigCommerce Development

BigCommerce is launched in 2009, currently hosts over 55, 000 online stores and is among leading e-commerce software provider. BigCommerce considering the comprehensive list of built-in features it offers, BigCommerce is often considered as best option for those who don’t have any technical knowledge, or simply don’t have time to mess with the code.

If you want to a full-fledged store with an integrated plugin and other features like emails then BigCommerce is definitely going to eCommerce platform for you.

To make your store stand out, you can hire BigCommerce Developers from TWS to customize your store according to your needs.  

Magento Development

With almost one-fourth of the market share, Magento is often considered the market leader in eCommerce platforms. For its reliability and scalability, most of the popular brands using as the underlying technology for their online stores including Burger King, Huawei and Pepe Jeans. Magento is considered as the best eCommerce platform for enterprise-level eCommerce shopping stores.

Given the complexity of this platform is not recommended for beginners. You don’t have to think about its complexity. If you have a plan to build an eCommerce store in Magento our expert team will help you to build an exception store and provide you all the guidance to manage your store on your own. Take control of your product management, hire Magento eCommerce developers in San Jose, CA.

We have helped much business with their digital, and eCommerce development needs and are profound to be the most experienced and longest-standing eCommerce developers across the world.

7 Ways To Improve Your Web Development

Web Development Agency

Web development is rapidly changing the industry. As a web developer, there is no excuse for drop off. You have to constantly improve your development skills and learn from the experts if you really want to stay on top of the industry trends and ahead of the game.

And if you are likely to most of the web developers, you probably need to check your code and wondered how you could make it more efficient.

While the old expression, “Practice makes perfect” certainly applies to the developers, whether they are software or web developers. There are few tips to improve your web development skills.

In this article, we will share seven tips that you can implement today to become an expert web developer.

Seven best ways to becoming a better web developer

No matter where you are in your career as a developer, there is always room for improvement in all stages. Beginners need to improve their skills to become better at their craft, and experienced developers should always strive for code optimising for readability, efficiency, and maintainability.

1Write Code on Daily Basis

If you will ask any expert developer for the best advice on improving your skills, almost everyone will tell you to write code every single day. While the advice might sound obvious (therefore not much useful) the truth is that it really works.Web DevelopmentJust like you will become better at any skill by practising on a daily basis, you will become a better developer if you write code regularly. This will allow you to catch your mistakes easily and it will improve your typing skills as well, that can reduce your chance of mistakes.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to come up with new projects every day. But it does mean to practice constantly.

And while you are at it, take the time to learn the ins and outs of your favourite code editor. Learn keyboard shortcuts and try to use it without relying on a mouse on your touchpad. You will be amazed at how much productive you’ll be once you actually know all the features your coding editor and tool has.

2. Contribute to Open-Source Projects on Github.

Working on small projects on Github help you engage yourself in code. You can choose to fork an existing project and create your iteration of it. You can also contribute to an existing project by helping them to reach the final stage and fix minor bugs to improve the project’s stability.

No matter which option you will choose, it inevitably leads to understanding your code to improvement and it also exposes you to other people’s code which might show you an alternative way of doing things.

On top of that, you get to collaborate with others on fun projects that help you get a second (or a third!) pair of eyes on your code. You will also learn to work better in a team and gain a crucial learning opportunity.

3. Invest in yourself

Web and software development everything is related to it is just a skill and any skill, believe it or not, is explorable.

In order to become a better developer, you will need to invest in yourself. It doesn’t mean you need to invest money in expensive courses, seminars or books.

There is no shortcut to becoming successful and research shows that it takes around 10000 hours to master a skill, that is around 4 years and 40 hours practising a week.

Be prepared to put up with late nights exploring websites and tutorials, experimenting with new plugins and frameworks, reading web development blogs and chewing through thousands of tweets.

4. Teach Others What you know

You might think you aren’t good fit to write about code. After all, you’re not a content writer.  But starting a blog, where you share knowledge with others, is a great way to continue learning.

By writing about your specific knowledge that you have, you’ll learn to organize your thoughts and structure of the topic you’re writing about. It gives an opportunity to review that you already know and back it up with some practical knowledge. In some critical cases, you might have to research the topic further which leads to more learning and a better understanding of your topic you want it to cover.

Not only that, you also gain visibility and it positions you as the expert on your topic. So go ahead and take the opportunity to make some hands-on income through your blog website. You’ve got something to use it but nothing to lose it.

5. Take a coding challenge of yourself

There is no lacking of development tutorials on the web.  And while some of the latest trends in the web development industry don’t stick for too long, there is no room to stay within your comfort zone.

Break the monotony of working on various projects by trying out latest programming languages or doing things in a new way.

If you are a WordPress developer, try out creating a WordPress plugin. If you are a web and software developer, then why not give it try to mobile apps development?

Even though you will not reach the level of mastery by going through a tutorial here and there, it still follows the principle of being exposed and engaged in code on a daily basis.

Don’t forget that in most of the cases, the tutorials and case studies on these sites have been written by developers with years of experience and they also highlight latest features in trending technology, programming languages and API’s.

6. Schedule regular downtime

While coding on daily basis is extremely beneficial, to take care of schedule regular downtime too. As ironic as it is sound, time spent not producing anything will actually make you more productive.

If you are constantly working, you run the risk of burning out and living under stress, which can result in sloppy code, missed deadlines, and missed out opportunities. Your capacity to think clearly and solve problems will fail and ultimately, your health will suffer too.

That’s why it is crucial to schedule regular downtime. If you find you cannot break away from work, then schedule it on your calendar and set a reminder to stop working for a period of time. This is the way you can take a break without being overwhelmed by guilt, and you might find out it gives you a motivation and willpower to do things in an amazing way.

7. Stay Active

Working in the digital agency means that we spend a lot of time staring at the computer screen.

Sitting 40-50 hours in the office will sooner or later take its toll.

That’s why it is virtually important that you look after your body the same way as you take care of keeping your markup nicely organised and commenting everything that you code.

Healthy body and brain mean better coding. So when you schedule your week, don’t forget to include some non-digital activities – walk, run, gym or whatever you like to do in outdoor activities.

I am off for a run now.


Before you rush off to implement the tips above mentioned on the blog, keep in mind that programming languages and technologies come and go. While this is a good reason to stay on the top with emerging technologies and trends, you will become a much better developer. If you spend time studying and mastering your web development skills.

The truth is basics never change and therefore it is better to pay more attention to underlying architecture rather than focus on mastering the latest feature in particular language. Once you have a firm grasp of mastering your favourite programming language or even picking up new ones, it becomes much easier.

Happy Coding!

Hire Top Web Development Agency

Top Web Development Agency

Web development is a process of developing fully functional website that is error free in its technical aspects. It is focused on how the website works and how customers and users are able to navigate through it and make purchases.

Website is a storefront of your business and its functionality is a food of this store. We challenge our clients to not purely fit in but to outperform by applying strategic and meaningful content, design, and strategy. Partner with TWS to enhance your brand.

TWS is the Best Web Design and Mobile Apps Development Agency in San Jose, California. We have developed a wide range of polished and functional websites, apps and products for startups, agencies and enterprises in web, mobile, custom software, since 2010.

We are the Leading Web Development Agency offering website and mobile application development services in San Jose, California. We have a team of web developers with an extensive knowledge in web coding on various platforms like PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, HTML, CSS, PrestaShop etc.

Hire our dedicated designers and developers for any of your project requirements related to development and designing.

Choose right Web Design Agency for You.

Web Design Agency

Choosing a right web design agency is not as easy. because there are lot of peoples get fooled by the charm of agencies fake reviews and their services list.

Choosing best Website Design Agency from this technology hub is like making decisions on which type of food is best in this city. Everyone has different taste of food as I like ‘Chinese’ more than other foods. Every business has a variety of aspects from their business website and thus we should be asking more specific questions, “Who is the best website designer for converting clicks into conversion?”

We have worked with all range of businesses and organizations from startups to entrepreneurs and small business to corporate companies. We make websites that make leads for your business.

Our web designers use a variety of different tools depending on what part of the production process they are involved in. These tools are updated over time by newer standards and software but the principles behind them remain the same. Web graphic designers use vector and raster graphics packages to create web-formatted imagery or design prototypes using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and After effect .

Tekki Web Solutions is a leading web design agency in California, USA. TWS is a California based Web Design Agency that provides full range of digital and web services including eCommerce solutions, content management solutions (CMS), Social media services, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Android Apps Developments, Logo design and branding strategy for any business- anywhere.

If you are looking for website designers in California USA, then look no further than Tekki Web solutions.  For more details visit us at www.tekkiwebsolutions.com

How to Get More Followers on Dribbble and Behance?

Having lots of followers that will not turn you into a great designer, but it will give you a bigger voice, so that your ideas can be heard into huge audience.

Getting more visibility will enable you to convey your message with an ease, to get more opportunity and community building.  There is another challenge for me to grow audience on these networks allowed to me live my passion.

This is the blog for creative designers and artists who want to grow his/her audience on Dribbble, Behance, and other similar designer networks.  This blog is not focused on excess sharing but how to share it and avoid common mistakes. I have been using Dribbble and Behance for 3 years and they changed the way of life.

I strongly believe that, if you are passionate designer, visibility will come automatically no matter what.  But it is hard for the beginners. Until you come up with some brilliant ideas, your work will be barely getting noticed.

Here are the tips that you have to follow to get more followers on Dribbble and Behance.

Never put all your eggs in a single basket.

Sharing your work on single network is not helpful in the beginning. There are a lot of networks available to building communities and sharing your work out there (Dribbble, Uplabs, Tumblr, Pinterest, CreativeMarket etc…). Each one has its own strategic marketing plan and algorithms, which means they provide different experience.  I strongly recommend you to try posting everyday on different networks, instead of putting all work on single network.

Eggs In The Basket

Some will be faster network (e.g. Dribbble, MaterialUp ) with short span of time for each post. Those networks are more about first impression, while other slower networks like (e.g.  Behance) will ask you to come up with some more interactive ideas, but your post will be live for longer than other faster networks .(e.g. Dribbble and MaterialUp).

Use multiple networks to promote your work and check which one is performing better in all aspects. I am using Facebook and twitter to promote what I post on Dribbble and Behance.

Way of Presentation

The way you articulate an idea and speech determines the way it will be perceived. Even excellent ideas also get overwhelmed due to poor presentation. Peoples won’t try to figure out on their own intent, the reason of your post. Working on the presentation of your work is the KEY. And yes it takes time but also make a huge difference once it is done effectively.

Don’t be afraid of sharing ideas

People will judge your work, you will make mistakes and sometimes your work will be criticized too. But it should be okay, you will learn from that and get better with each new post, to the point where, looking at your past work will make you uncomfortable. If you are afraid of that your idea is going to be stolen by the people. Stop and fill the patent.

Bringing up something innovative is the best way to stay ahead in the competition. What is the better compliment than your work is appreciated?  Most of the networks are really sensitive because peoples are using their ideas and making similar to the others.

Make is visible

You can have a great idea and creative designs; if you have dull thumbnail and irresistible headlines on your design nobody will click on your designs to see your creative work.  

  • Thumbnail or a Title is one of the reason people will decide to check your work. An interactive thumbnail leads to the maximum reach of audience.
  • Add tags in your pictures, if you do so, then your work will also come in searches.

Do not post all your work at the same time

I often see most of the people posting 5-10 variations of piece of work at the same time, instead of having polished one first. People get stuck when they have to choose from various styles. Even I also get overwhelmed while considering one design from excessive designs. You will end up with views and likes being spread over your variations, and thus, and none of them will make it to the top.

Try to curate, spread your work over time and take a day or a two stepping back before sharing your post.

Focus on quality over quantity

It is not hard to come with more than one idea, but maintaining a certain level of quality over quantity is a story of success. This is how you can build your audience and make a remarkable brand in competitive market.

Be consistent, don’t post below your quality and never excess the quantity”  

Be Active, not only as content promoter

Only posting your work will never help you to reach out the people you might want them to view your work. You will have to follow people that might come in your favor down the road (Reciprocity rule).  But more significantly, welcoming new people, sharing innovative ideas, and dropping funny comments on their work are also a way to gain some extra followers and visibility. Make a collection of others work, because peoples will get curious about who provided this content, or who build this collection, which will eventually lead to make them either follower of profile views.

Reciprocity RuleConclusion

That’s it! I sincerely hope this blog will help your on how to represent your work on showcase sites and grow your audience.  Let me know in the comment section if it does, and also you can ask me a questions regarding blog.

If you are curious to know presentation of our work, you can check here Dribbble and Behance profile of Tekki Web Solutions.

Don’t forget to share and recommend this article.

Affordable Business Website Design Services for Startups, SME’s and Entrepreneurs

Do you have your own business? Does your business have a website?  No, we will help you to create your business website with our affordable business website design.  If you are not good enough to understand what are the steps to create a business website.  Our sales team will help you to choose reliable options for small business website setup and build a brand presence in virtual world.

Think Again, You Need to Create Your Business Website

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter your business is small, medium, or large scale. If you don’t have a business website then you are possibly losing business from virtual world. Having a business website or mobile app can only retain customers from the web. There are billions of people surfing on the web for business, food, services, and all other things that are come in their daily use. If you are in any kind of business you need to create a business website. I know that thought are running in your mind where would I start.

Our sale and marketing team will help you to choose reliable business website setup according to your business needs.

Should I Create a Free Business Website Design?

You can search in Google or Bing for terms like free website builder, small business website design, how to build a website, and get thousands of video and textual tutorials that can help you to build your website for free. But these website no longer beneficial for your business if you are really looking something that can help you achieve business goals with your website then you have to pay for it either it can be affordable or expensive. We at Tekki Web Solution provide customized business website design for small, medium, and large scale businesses at affordable price.

No Web Design Knowledge or Coding Needed

Times have changed; everybody knows how to design business that can be appealing for their audiences. Every business owner knows their potential customers and targeted location for the business. You just have to share your ideas and we will turn them into your business success. We build it, you own it. We have helped thousands of Startups, SME’s, and Entrepreneurs to make their business website and build their web presence with our inexpensive website design and development services.  Hire us for design your interactive business website and mobile apps for your business.

Why Hire US?

We at Tekki Web Solutions are team of 15 professional, each with an individual area of expertise that allows us to offer a range of specialist with Mobile Application, UI/UX Design, Software Development, eCommerce Store Design, Web development, Graphic Design, and Internet Marketing Division. We have been awarded digital agency for providing best in class affordable web design and development services in San Jose, CA. Our small business website design is very affordable and effective for your business growth.   For more details visit us at www. Tekkiwebsolutions.com or Call us at +1(703) 794-2080