How to Get More Followers on Dribbble and Behance?

Having lots of followers that will not turn you into a great designer, but it will give you a bigger voice, so that your ideas can be heard into huge audience.

Getting more visibility will enable you to convey your message with an ease, to get more opportunity and community building.  There is another challenge for me to grow audience on these networks allowed to me live my passion.

This is the blog for creative designers and artists who want to grow his/her audience on Dribbble, Behance, and other similar designer networks.  This blog is not focused on excess sharing but how to share it and avoid common mistakes. I have been using Dribbble and Behance for 3 years and they changed the way of life.

I strongly believe that, if you are passionate designer, visibility will come automatically no matter what.  But it is hard for the beginners. Until you come up with some brilliant ideas, your work will be barely getting noticed.

Here are the tips that you have to follow to get more followers on Dribbble and Behance.

Never put all your eggs in a single basket.

Sharing your work on single network is not helpful in the beginning. There are a lot of networks available to building communities and sharing your work out there (Dribbble, Uplabs, Tumblr, Pinterest, CreativeMarket etc…). Each one has its own strategic marketing plan and algorithms, which means they provide different experience.  I strongly recommend you to try posting everyday on different networks, instead of putting all work on single network.

Eggs In The Basket

Some will be faster network (e.g. Dribbble, MaterialUp ) with short span of time for each post. Those networks are more about first impression, while other slower networks like (e.g.  Behance) will ask you to come up with some more interactive ideas, but your post will be live for longer than other faster networks .(e.g. Dribbble and MaterialUp).

Use multiple networks to promote your work and check which one is performing better in all aspects. I am using Facebook and twitter to promote what I post on Dribbble and Behance.

Way of Presentation

The way you articulate an idea and speech determines the way it will be perceived. Even excellent ideas also get overwhelmed due to poor presentation. Peoples won’t try to figure out on their own intent, the reason of your post. Working on the presentation of your work is the KEY. And yes it takes time but also make a huge difference once it is done effectively.

Don’t be afraid of sharing ideas

People will judge your work, you will make mistakes and sometimes your work will be criticized too. But it should be okay, you will learn from that and get better with each new post, to the point where, looking at your past work will make you uncomfortable. If you are afraid of that your idea is going to be stolen by the people. Stop and fill the patent.

Bringing up something innovative is the best way to stay ahead in the competition. What is the better compliment than your work is appreciated?  Most of the networks are really sensitive because peoples are using their ideas and making similar to the others.

Make is visible

You can have a great idea and creative designs; if you have dull thumbnail and irresistible headlines on your design nobody will click on your designs to see your creative work.  

  • Thumbnail or a Title is one of the reason people will decide to check your work. An interactive thumbnail leads to the maximum reach of audience.
  • Add tags in your pictures, if you do so, then your work will also come in searches.

Do not post all your work at the same time

I often see most of the people posting 5-10 variations of piece of work at the same time, instead of having polished one first. People get stuck when they have to choose from various styles. Even I also get overwhelmed while considering one design from excessive designs. You will end up with views and likes being spread over your variations, and thus, and none of them will make it to the top.

Try to curate, spread your work over time and take a day or a two stepping back before sharing your post.

Focus on quality over quantity

It is not hard to come with more than one idea, but maintaining a certain level of quality over quantity is a story of success. This is how you can build your audience and make a remarkable brand in competitive market.

Be consistent, don’t post below your quality and never excess the quantity”  

Be Active, not only as content promoter

Only posting your work will never help you to reach out the people you might want them to view your work. You will have to follow people that might come in your favor down the road (Reciprocity rule).  But more significantly, welcoming new people, sharing innovative ideas, and dropping funny comments on their work are also a way to gain some extra followers and visibility. Make a collection of others work, because peoples will get curious about who provided this content, or who build this collection, which will eventually lead to make them either follower of profile views.

Reciprocity RuleConclusion

That’s it! I sincerely hope this blog will help your on how to represent your work on showcase sites and grow your audience.  Let me know in the comment section if it does, and also you can ask me a questions regarding blog.

If you are curious to know presentation of our work, you can check here Dribbble and Behance profile of Tekki Web Solutions.

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